ARC DECRA Fellow, University of Queensland, Australia. Working in theoretical atomic physics and particle astrophysics. Previously at SYRTE, the Observatoire de Paris, France, working on possibilities for dark matter detection using high-precision atomic clocks, and the University of Nevada, Reno, as part of the GPS.DM Collaboration. PhD in theoretical atomic physics from UNSW, Australia, in Sydney.


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Strong typing in c++ — a simple example

Strong types are user-defined types that do not allow implicit conversions to other types. This is particularly useful, for example, in reducing the probability for an incorrect parameter to be passed to a function.

Using linux from within windows: ubuntu, bash, compiling c++ and more

There are a few ways to install and run C++ (or any other programming languages) from windows. For me at least, the easiest by far is to use the windows subsystem for linux (wsl). This essentially gives the best of both worlds - allowing you to (for example) use windows tools to manage and edit code, while still having full access to linux tools for compiling and running the code.

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