Electric dipole transition amplitudes for atoms and ions with one valence electron

B. M. Roberts, C.J. Fairhall, and J. S. M. Ginges, Physical Review A 107, 052812 (2023)

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevA.107.052812


Motivated by recent measurements for several alkali-metal atoms and alkali-metal-like ions, we perform a detailed study of electric dipole (E1) transition amplitudes in K, Ca+, Rb, Sr+, Cs, Ba+, Fr, and Ra+, which are of interest for studies of atomic parity violation, electric dipole moments, polarizabilities, and atomic clocks. Using the all-orders correlation potential method, we perform high-precision calculations of E1 transition amplitudes between low-lying s, p, and d states. We perform a robust error analysis, and compare our calculations to many amplitudes for which there are high-precision experimental determinations. We find excellent agreement, with deviations at the level of 0.1% or less. We also compare our results to other theoretical evaluations, and discuss the implications for uncertainty analyses of theoretical methods. Further, combining calculations of branching ratios with recent measurements, we extract high-precision experimental values for several E1 amplitudes of Ca+, Sr+, Cs, Fr, and Ra+.



Written on 30 May 2023