Applying the matched-filter technique to the search for dark matter transients with networks of quantum sensors

Guglielmo Panelli, B. M. Roberts, A. Derevianko, EPJ Quantum Technol. 7, 5 (2020)



There are several networks of precision sensors in existence, including networks of atomic clocks, magnetometers, and gravitational wave detectors. These networks can be re-purposed for searches of exotic physics, such as direct dark matter searches. Here we explore a detection strategy for macroscopic dark matter objects with such networks using the matched-filter technique. Such “clumpy” dark matter objects would register as transients sweeping through the network at galactic velocities. As a specific example, we consider a network of atomic clocks aboard the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. We apply the matched-filter technique to simulated GPS atomic clock data and study its utility and performance. The analysis and the developed methodology have a wide applicability to other networks of quantum sensors.

Written on 1 December 2020